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An investment fund is a basket where numerous investors’ money is gathered. The pool of money is used  to make investments in accordance with the strategy of the fund. The fund is managed by a professional manager whose objective is to provide returns for investors.

  • We have established the first public investment fund in Armenia that manages funds in international financial markets.
  • Limitless Asset Management’s portfolio managers have professional experience of many decades.
  • Limitless investment fund managed by the founder of the company provided about 300 percent profitability in 2017-2022. It is worth mentioning that during that period the fund had a positive result each year.
  • The organization is licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of RA, our asset custodian is ID Bank CJSC and we collaborate with the leading Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage firm.

Like any financial instrument, the fund has certain risks. The main risk is the price risk caused by financial, economic, political shocks. Different measures are used to manage and reduce risks: For example, the fund’s assets are allocated among different financial instruments, which makes it possible to avoid risk concentration. It is important for investors to consider their investment objectives and study the rules of the fund before investing.

In order to make an investment, customers need to follow this link, fill out the application, enter the required information, provide relevant documents and transfer the money to the fund’s account. After submitting a request,  customers will receive a confirmation of the shares they have acquired by e-mail.

The amount invested in funds depends on the investor’s capabilities and the minimum limit of the type of fund that the investor chooses. For example, to invest in the Limitless Growth fund, you need at least 400,000 AMD, while for the Limitless Prime fund, you need at least 20 million AMD.

Investment does not have a fixed period, the investor can buy and sell fund shares any time, which takes several business days.

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